Monday, November 30, 2009

Nature Poem 2

For my English 300 class we had the chance to write another nature poem. This time I decided to write about my backyard when I was younger. This is where we would play in our tree house by the creek and have bonfires and have sleepovers on the trampoline. It was the life and this poem is just a reflection of those good times.


The eternal song of youth whistles

Through the golden grass of the past.

The stream babbles across the forest floor

Dodging every tree, root, and trunk as

Log draw bridges span the great creek bed

Paving an adventure through

The treacherous territory of the imagination.

Moss seeps through the bark of the trees

Down to the jeweled pebbles and

Up to the veined canopy above

Covering the world with a velvet sage.

Through sun, through rain, through snow,

The melody carries over the glassy pond;

Sun kissed faces reflect in the water

Only to grow wrinkled and then disappear

With he setting of the copper sun.

The moon cries fiery tales that lick

The freckles of those sitting nearest

Her warm witty embrace.

The stars bounce through the heavens

Trumpeting the wishful ode

Carried on their shimmering tails.

And off on the distant horizon the beams

Of the promised morn beckon

To the golden grass.

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  1. Wow! Love your poem!!!! Great job. i love to write nature poetry. If you would like to look at some and tell me what you think, here is my link.
    Once again, great job!!!!